Thursday12th May

Show 8pm

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Pierre Hollins

Pierre Hollins has been a real UK comedy circuit favourite for over two decades.

His laid back joyful delivery is second to none, gaining the admiration and respect of his fellow peers, and using his guitar to deliver a host of clever jokes that rhyme, it’s easy to see why Pierre has been at the top of the game for so many years.

Self described as ''far-fetched and slightly dangerous'', seeing really is believing.  

One of the most solid headline acts the circuit has ever produced, and firm favourite at festivals worldwide.

'‘Comedy rock and roll heaven'' The Daily Mirror
"always enjoyable, often inspired" The Source


Sol Bernstein

When a legend reaches a certain point in their career, it’s time to ease up on doing legendary things and reflect on an exemplary life. Sol Bernstein has reached that point, and he invites us to listen to his tales of the high life with the biggest names in showbiz, musings on how the world has changed, and being just an ordinary Jew with world-beating wit, unbounded talent and death-defying chutzpah.

Singer, dancer, comedian, magician, actor and musician Sol Bernstein was rated Best Triangle Player by Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington in the 1950s, he went on to perform across the globe at venues such as The London Palladium, New York’s Carnegie Hall, The Paris Olympia, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and Scunthorpe Working Mens Club. 

Sol Bernstein has got so much to say and being now in his 80s so little time to say it, so catch this legend and genius while you still have the chance!


"simply my favourite comic"  Harry Hill

"one part Alf Garnett, two parts Mel Brooks, and three parts like you've never heard before"  The Guardian

If Stewart Lee, Jack Dee and Morrissey ever had a child together then Liam Pickford would be the result.

He started performing stand up in Manchester in June 2012, his unique style being a breath of fresh air mixing cleverly honed material and punchlines with excitingly unpredictable audience interaction. All this, mixed in with a hint of ‘whimsy’ and clever observations whilst delivered in a wonderfully unenthusiastic and grumpy style.

"he's got funny bones and a scattergun mind that doesn't quite work like anybody else's"  Chortle


hosted by   Liam Pickford

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The advertised line up is subject to alteration, and should any performer have to withdraw from the show at short notice a suitable alternative act will be substituted.
Should any such changes take place these will be publicised at the earliest opportunity.